Who’s Going To Pay The Bills?

It’s that time of month again. My anxiety level is inching upward almost as fast as my stress level. The question always remains….. what doesn’t get paid this month?

Everything was fine until I no longer had a job. It’s kind of funny how that whole income thing works. Being the primary breadwinner and losing my job while going through treatment in preparation for the stem cell transplant is hands down the biggest challenge with this disease. I can handle the pain and the side effects of the drugs far easier than I can handle not being able to provide for my family.

Being retired military allows us to still have an income , so I don’t expect too much sympathy. The problem is that when I stopped working, I still had 20 years of prime income potential to help pay for what we have. That income is cut in half, but the bills are going up and up. Thankfully, we only need to hold out for a few more months and then things will start to right themselves for us.

What can be done when you are literally drowning in debt because of this disease? Fortunately there are resources out there to help. Pharmaceutical help, hospital assistance,  charitable agencies,  government assistance and even crowdsourcing are ways that we can help with the ever increasing costs associated with this disease.  I know it’s hard to fight a war on two fronts, but with a little patience and a lot of effort, both the medical and financial battles can be won.

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