Bone Marrow Biopsy

Yesterday was my 100th day post stem cell transplant. I have been scheduled for lab work to look at how my body has recovered from the procedure and now I’m scheduled for tests to see how the cancer reacted. I’ve done the lab work and I was scheduled for my bone marrow biopsy when they took me back to do the procedure without sedation.  I refused and promptly left and went home. I don’t feel bad at all about the situation since I’ve been clear since day one…. I will not do the bone marrow biopsy without being sedated!

This would have been my 4th BMB and I’ve had them with and without sedation…. I can tell you that I will never again have one of those procedures done without the sedation.

I’m sure that my one done without the sedation was not normal and that they really aren’t that bad, but think about it from my point of view. The first procedure was done in the oncologist center and the doctor was grunting and sweating while he kept slipping off the bone and messing it up. The procedure was so bad that they only got to do the Aspirate and not the rest of it. That hurt me for months.

The 2nd and 3rd procedure had me sedated and I don’t remember anything at all. The pain was minimal and I was walking normal again after a few hours.

I know every doctor is different and that every situation is different, but now that I know I can get the procedure done using a local anesthesia and it can go good or bad and I’ll remember every detail. The alternative is to go in and get sedated and wake up not knowing anything except I’m ready to go home.

Both are done everyday and there are a ton of people that think either way is good, but I have yet to find anyone that says they ever regret getting the sedation.

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