Sprinkler Systems

The fight against cancer has many battles. The challenges that come with undergoing a stem cell transplant have been huge. Some battles have been physically challenging.. Some battles personal. Some battles have nothing to do with cancer, but have to do with the ups and downs in life. This week’s battle has been with my sprinkler system.

I take great pride in my lawn. An immaculate lawn is something I associated with the old grumpy guy…. until I realized that I was THAT old grumpy guy with an amazing looking yard. The secret is all in the sprinkler system. Up until I decided to run over the manifolds with a forklift while moving my shed….. my sprinklers worked great. Not anymore.

I could have easily fixed the manifolds. I could have just bought the preassembled type and had in and over with in a matter of minutes, but I’ve been in the relationship business since I had my transplant. What I mean by that is that I’m trying to enjoy my relationships with my family members since life has a whole new meaning to me. Keeping that in mind… I enlisted my father’s help in fixing my problem.

My father and I have always had a strained relationship. I’m not laying blame or looking to rehash it, but we are now in a better, healthier relationship than any point in my life. I’m very happy for that, but there are times…….

It took us 5 days to ‘properly’ fix the sprinklers and it has been the best time ever. My father was able to teach me a lesson in patience, while we talked about everything under the sun. We contemplated on which color looked best on the new Corvette while we waited for the glue to dry. We talked about how my Aunt May would kill anyone who even looked at me the wrong way and how we both missed her while we went looking for the right fitting at the hardware store. We sat in silence as we both tried to figure out a way around one particular valve problem. It was a good time and I’m glad I did it. These are the moments I need while I fight this fight. It was great father/son time that I couldn’t put a price on.

Oh yeah….. and the sprinkler system is once again perfect.


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