Goodbye, my friends.

This is brutally honest. I would have liked to know this man.

And ... Cancer.

This is being posted by Amy, Rich’s wife, at his request. 

On November 27, 2018 I died.

Yeah, that’s it folks. I fought this fucking disease as long and hard as I could but it’s over.

The ironic thing is that in having multiple myeloma I learned what life really is about for me and how to be a good human being. Unfortunately, and again thanks to the multiple myeloma, I wasn’t able to do much with that knowledge with what little time, energy and almost constant pain I was left with, and due to the damage the drugs had already done.

Fuck you, Dexamethasone.

I don’t leave a lot of regrets behind with one exception that those of you who’ve subscribed to my words over the years should know by now … the experiences this disease has stolen from me from having with my daughter, Ariana. I’ll admit it…

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